The cuban missile crisis: negotiation game

Visit the following Google drive link to access the case briefings for the negotiation: The Cuban Missile Crisis Case Files

You will need five people (excluding a facilitator) to run the negotiation as there following are the five parties in the negotiation:

  1. US President
  2. US Chairman of Chiefs of Staff
  3. US Secretary of Defense
  4. Soviet Premier
  5. President of Cuba

You will have seven documents in the folder:

  1. A participant guide that details the procedure to be followed during the course of this role play exercise.
  2. A briefing for document for each of the five parties in the negotiation – to be handed over to the respective pasties assigned at the beginning.
  3. Naval Blockade document – to be given to Soviet Premier if US chooses naval blockade.

Make action cards (the course of action written on a small paper) for US and USSR based on the four alternative courses of action mentioned in the respective briefing documents. The action cards are an attempt to reduce confusion and improve clarity of communication. Hand over the respective action cards to the US President and the Soviet Premier.

The flow of the negotiation is structured as follows:

  1. The US President will take a course of action after internal discussions with the US Chairman of Chiefs of Staff and the US Defense Secretary. He will hand over the respective action card to the facilitator, who will then hand it over to the Soviet Premier. (If the chosen action card was ‘Naval Blockade,’ then the ‘Naval Blockade’ briefing document should be handed over to the Soviet Premier.
  2. The Soviet Premier will respond to US action through one of his alternatives (action card) within 5 minutes.
  3. The two main parties – the US President and the Soviet Premier – can meet and talk face to face only when a diplomatic talk or a negotiation is proposed by one party and it is accepted by the other party.
  4. The game runs for thirty minutes (excluding case reading time).

Other relevant details are mentioned in the Participant Guideline document and role-specific guidelines are mentioned at the end of the respective role briefing.

Have a great time!

I’d like to once again record the contribution to the development of this game by Vineeth Harikumar (his LinkedIn Profile) without whom this project wouldn’t have the reached completion.