Film Lists

For someone who spent most of my childhood and teenage years in general ignorance of films or perceived them as entertainment, I discovered the great potential of films to transform us individuals in my early twenties. Then on, films have been a tool to understand the world around me. They’ve taught me history, took me to far away places, kept me company on lonely nights, helped me rediscover joy, and sensitized me to the ‘other.’ In summary, films can play the following roles in our lives:

  1. Therapeutic
  2. Educate and inform
  3. Extension of our experience

It is unfortunate that the potential of films is rarely put to use in schools to build young individuals. Of course, there are some enlightened schools and teachers who are doing it already, but in general, it is an under-utilized tool.

I’m going to exhibit three kinds of lists

  1. Theme Based List – includes films sorted by themes across history, culture, leadership, etc (This list is still under development.)
  2. World Cinema List – A world cinema list of films from over forty countries
  3. Twelve Months, Twelve Films – An annual holistic film plan to become a better human