film lists based on themes

The list-making is in progress. It turned to be harder than I anticipated. For now, I’m going to give you the following lists. In due course, I shall come up with elaborate and well curated lists in upcoming blog posts or updates.

The lists are not based on genres. It is an unhelpful way to organize films. As my basic premise is that films cans be a tool for education, extend our experience, and therapy, I’ve tried to come up with list based on what one can take away from the film.

There is potential for overlaps in these lists – a film may be a great exhibition of leadership while also informing us on history.

Getting in touch with ourselves and our environment

  1. Poetry
  2. Little Forest
  3. Walkabout

Leadership & Eloquence

  1. Invictus
  2. Thirteen Days
  3. Lincoln
  4. The Great Debaters


  1. Ten Commandments
  2. The Message (1976)
  3. Ushpizin

Food Films

  1. Tampopo
  2. The Big Night
  3. Babette’s Feast
  4. Eat Drink Man Woman
  5. Like Water for Chocolate
  6. Julie and Julia
  7. Little Forest
  8. The Hundred Foot Journey