The Lock Down Log: Productivity FOMO

It is appalling that despite having the whole day to myself (with low to moderate work commitments) I have done very little today. The morning began well, as I worked to the ambient sounds of the streets of Kamata (Tokyo), a library, and a cafe. However, as the day progressed, I became anxious, distracted and frustrated. Every ten minutes, I thumbed through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Quite a few on the web concur that the one great thing about being locked down is that there is no more FOMO. It makes a lot of sense. But another kind of FOMO has developed – FOMO of making the most of the lock down days. The apparent source of my anxiety and frustration was that I wasn’t making the most of my lock down days – not just in terms of terms doing productive work but even catching up on films and books.

Well, it’s not just me. Taylor Lorenz, writing for the New York Times, assures me that the feeling is more widespread, “many people are feeling pressure to organize every room in their homesbecome expert home chefs (or bakers), write the next “King Lear” and get in shape.” She tells us this: Stop Trying to be Productive and rather be grateful and appreciate the simple pleasures of life.

Yet I’m torn between the striving for productivity and just being. May be a middle path would be more acceptable to me. Dividing the day into two: one for productivity and the other for simple pleasures and just being.

And just a few minutes back on a call with my friend whining about my dull unproductive day, she reminded me that we should be grateful that we have jobs that pay during the pandemic. That was indeed a soothing thought.

Good night!

PS: I’m self-aware that this blog is uninspiring and boring at present. But I’m going to keep doing this everyday in the hope that something worthwhile might come out of this eventually.